V Fitness | Fitness & Gym

Client’s Requirement

Vfitness is a Fitness & Workout Gym located in Dadar, which is one of the busy streets of Mumbai.  

The founders of Vfitness gym wanted to start promotion for their gym way before its inauguration date. The gym had 40 days left for inauguration and we were assigned with a challenging task of creating awareness among the nearby locality for this new gym.


What Solution We Offered

We wanted to give a very promising solution for Vfitness that would not only create brand awareness but also generate sales leads for Gym even before it has opened.  

Our marketing team planned out entire promotional campaign which include landing page development, social engagement on facebook & instagram and Facebook Adverts marketing. 

Landing Page was developed by keeping the campaign and offers in mind, the landing page was optimized for leads capturing. Development team had also developed and integrated CRM API into the landing page forms. 

Facebook Marketing channel was used to run Brand Awareness campaign across the region, instagram posts strategy was developed and regular updates were created for user engagement and mass awareness among the audience. 

Services Availed

Web Designing and Development

Facebook Advertising

WordPress Development

Social Media Marketing

Some Interesting Results 

  • All this efforts made the website look extremely attractive and captivating for the users of Parshvaa Edu Mentor. 
  • Recognized and Appreciated by client and his customers for user friendliness. 
  • Creativity was well appreciated conveying the vision of the company. 

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