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Experience Increase in Sales and Conversions with Optimized Themes

Are you an online retailer? Does your business sell products online? Is your online storefront is optimized for search engines?  

As an online retailer, your first preference will be to meet the needs of your customer. To fulfill this you need to create a user experience that acts as a key in converting the online visitors from casual browsers to loyal customers.  

Our expert team is highly trained in developing eCommerce platform applications on different latest eCommerce technology. We provide a perfect combination of ecommerce platform equipped with good website design to handle your customer business online. 

We provide ecommerce web app development on modern and latest technologies including Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Core PHP frameworks, Joomla & Drupal web frameworks. 

We will make sure in developing secure and customized shopping cart systems that will allow you to offer features and functionality above and beyond the template solutions. Our top quality and mobile friendly ecommerce design and development will effectively maximize the selling power and boost conversions. 

eCommerce Design & Development Features 

Set Clear Goals

On every page of your ecommerce website, we will set clear goals with a defined purpose that will entice the users to click through your categories or product page. We will make sure that your shopping cart page will simplify the checkout process.

Display Contact Information

We will find out a creative ecommerce website design and development that will prove to be enticing for customers to contact you. Displaying your contact information will help the customers to get in touch with you directly.

Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty will help in bringing the users back to your website with introducing timely email element, which will carry the content of announcement of new products or seasonal sales. This will help in creating a trust or brand loyalty among your customers.

Hassle Free Checkout

For your ecommerce website, we will create a simplified checkout process that will prove to be effortless for the visitors in case they want to purchase the products displayed on the website. This will entice the visitors to make the purchase.

Confirmation Of Payment

We will make sure in adding an essential feature to your ecommerce website .i.e. payment confirmation that will calm the customer’s nerves by displaying a payment confirmation page and sending a receipt via email of their payment.

Product Filtering

Our ecommerce design and development will allow your users to customize their ecommerce experience by giving them the ability to filter through your category pages based on popularity, prices and more.

eCommerce Web Application Solution

  • eCommerce Web Application
  • WordPress – WooCommerce Integration  
  • Joomla eCommerce platform
  • Shopify Website Development
  • Mobile eCommerce Apps  
  • Magento 2 Web Application

Why to Rely on our Ecommerce Design and Development?

WEQ specializes in providing premium website design services for ecommerce online store websites that are designed to attract new customers and retain existing customers by delivering a satisfying shopping experience.


User-Friendly Experience

The users will get a clear idea of smoothly browsing through your ecommerce website.

Enjoy Brand Recognition

You will enjoy a consistent branding across your ecommerce website to attract the visitors.

Call To Action

Your ecommerce website will have a strong call-to-action like Add to Cart, Submit Payment or Checkout options.

Effective Data Control

You will get the ability to control your meta data, which is crucial for the ecommerce website to rank well.

High Performance Website

With a well functioning ecommerce website, you can enjoy brand recognition and increased sales.

Top Class Website Management

Get a customized ecommerce website dashboard that will offer summary information about stock items, sales figures and more.

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